Drastically reduce your time to hire

Instantly discover the best matching candidates with intelligent resume scoring

SmartCV automatically analyzes the candidate’s resume and its individual characteristics and ranks (0-100%) each candidate according to their relevance with the job position.

Browse candidates more efficiently

Unstructured resumes are turned into structured profiles that include all key resume information and are presented in a uniform way that enables you to browse candidate information quickly and efficiently, in comparison with browsing differently formatted resumes one after another.

Filter & sort candidates with a wide array of options

Filter and sort candidates by a number of criteria such as: Match Score, work experience, management experience, employment status, employer names and job titles, degree and school type, foreign languages etc.

Remove bias with Blind Hiring mode

When enabled, Blind Hiring mode automatically anonymizes the candidate profile by removing name, photo, contact details, age, nationality, team comments and optionally location, dates and school names.

Know your candidates beyond their resume

One-way Video Interviews

Get a broader picture of the candidate, in less time with one-way video interviews.

You send to the candidate an email invitation to answer some questions. The candidate answers these questions via video by using the camera of his/her computer or smartphone.

Pay as You Go,
no reccuring subscriptions, no hidden fees

Pay only for the number of candidates add or the video interviews you conduct.
Unlimited number of jobs, team members and organizations.

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