Hire faster and smarter

Modern AI-powered recruitment software to discover the best talent in less time

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Make finding the right talent a breeze

SmartCV offers advanced screening to make comparing resumes faster and easier.

Be the change you want to see with blind hiring

Turn on Blind Hiring for forward-looking, progressive hiring that encourages diversity.

Improve candidate experience with video interviews.

Get a better picture of more candidates in less time with one-way video interviews.

Work better together with an interface for your whole team.

Our collaborative interface gives you unlimited users and simple, customisable options.


We scale with you; no subscriptions or hidden costs.

Pay for what you use, and get exactly what your business needs as it grows and develops.


Secure and GDPR compliant.

All data stored in ISO-14001 and SOC certified data centers in European Union.

Customer testimonials


“We have been using smartCV for over a year, and we have been impressed by the platform’s functionality and the overall service we are receiving from the smartCV team. Their software design expertise, coupled with their collaborative and innovative spirit, made smartCV the go-to expert for our most significant HR projects. We strongly recommend smartCV to HR professionals.”


“Our collaboration with smartCV started last May, during the unusual period that marked our efforts to adjust to the changes that brought along the Covid 19 pandemic and, at the same time, to not waste any time with the hiring process for our call centre. With mr. Zafolias’ help and with smartCV’s innovative technologies, we managed to measure up to the demands of the situation and, at the same time, to optimize and step up the pace of the procedures for the selection of new candidates. We have worked with SmartCV during the whole of this year, and we intend to keep on going, enjoying our stellar collaboration!”

Konstantina Tsoufi, Recruitment and Training Specialist