Screen candidates

Reduce the time of first assesment from hours to minutes.

Automatic resume scoring (Match Score)

SmartCV automatically analyzes the candidate’s resume and its individual characteristics and ranks (0-100%) each candidate according to their relevance with the job position.

Scoring calculation takes into account elements that are automatically recognized in the resume such as: duration and type of work experience, education level, management experience, skills, foreign languages, etc.

Automatic conversion of unstructured resumes into structured SmartCV profiles

The profile includes all key information such as: Work experience, education, training history, licences & cerifications, foreign languages, skills and achievements.

You may also view, at a glance, key calculated data such as: work experience duration and type, average duration per employer, employment status and management experience type and duration.

Automatic filtering and sorting of candidates with multiple criteria

All elements of the structured SmartCV profile can be used as criteria for filtering and sorting the candidates of a specific job or all candidates.

More specifically you may filter / sort candidates by a number of criteria such as: Match Score, work experience duration, management experience duration, employment status, managerial level, employer names and job titles, geographical area and proximity to place of work, degree and school type, foreign languages etc.

Automatic recommendations of archived candidates for new jobs

SmartCV parses the text of the job description in exactly the form it is published, and automatically recommends candidates you already have on file in other positions.

The recommendations take into account the title of the position, work experience duration, education, skills, management level of the position and the foreign languages requested.


Automatic detection of the candidate's geographic location

SmartCV automatically recognizes the candidate's geographic location regardless of how it was written in the resume.

It also automatically and accurately calculates the geographic distance from the location of the job.

Automatic import of scanned resumes

SmartCV fully supports the import of scanned resumes and applies OCR automatically before converting them into structured SmartCV profiles.

Particularly useful for companies with physical stores where potential candidates leave their resumes in hard copy.

Attract, Track & Communicate

All the tools you need to effectively attract, track and communicate with candidates.



Simple & Efficient team collaboration


GDPR ready

Everything you need to be GDPR compliant.


Pay as You Go,
no reccuring subscriptions, no hidden fees

Pay only for the number of resumes you convert to SmartCV profiles.
Unlimited number of jobs, team members and organizations.

No credit card required