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With SmartCV you always have exactly what your business needs, as it grows and develops. With no subscription fees, you only pay for the candidates you add to the platform.

All pricing includes unlimited positions, team members and companies as well as our ATS and video interviewing software.

Applicant Tracking
# of candidates Price
200 €249
500 €589
1000 €1119
Video Interviews
# of interviews Price
50 €249
100 €459
200 €859

Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do these pricing plans expire?

They do not. You can keep using your plan until it runs out of candidate space or video interviews, whenever that is.

What happens when a plan I purchased ends?

You can buy a new plan, whether it is the same or a different one. You also have the option to continue using the application for free, except you will not be able to add new candidates or conduct new video interviews.

Can I mix and match different plans?

Yes you can! For example, if you need to buy space for 1500 candidates you can combine a SMARTCV-1000 with a SMARTCV-500 plan.

I am using a different ATS; can I just buy a video interview plan?

Absolutely! You can choose to only use video interviews without the ATS and vice versa.

When will I be charged for a candidate?

You are charged for a candidate every time a new one is added to the platform in any of the three following ways: through a career site application, a resume upload or the job mailbox.

When will I be charged for a video interview?

You are charged for a video interview if the interviewee answers at least one question.

Could I be charged for incomplete video interviews?

This is possible. The candidate may answer all the questions but decide not to submit them in the end, which is beyond our control.

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