Advanced Applicant Tracking

Get all your candidates and roles organised in one place, so comparing and selecting is easier than ever before.


Find the right person, fast

Worklife Recruit (ex SmartCV) offers advanced screening to make checking and comparing resumes faster and easier.

Turn on Blind Hiring for forward-looking, progressive hiring that encourages diversity.

Formatting CVs for a uniform viewing experience, you can quickly score them, filter them and tag them for reference.

Automatic resume scoring

Recommendations of archived candidates for new jobs

Wide array of candidate filtering and sorting options

Automatic geographic detection


Track your process

Get a complete overview of your hiring pipeline and insights from quick reporting.

Worklife Recruit (ex SmartCV) keeps all your candidate files in one place, so you can build a candidate pool that works for you.


Make it easy for the whole team

With an unlimited number of users, team notifications and specific role assignment and access options, it’s easier than ever to work together and hire better.