Screen candidates at scale

Instantly discover the best matching candidates with intelligent resume scoring

SmartCV automatically analyzes the candidate’s resume and its individual characteristics and ranks (0-100%) each candidate according to their relevance with the job position.

Browse candidates more efficiently

Unstructured resumes are turned into structured profiles that include all key resume information and are presented in a uniform way that enables you to browse candidate information quickly and efficiently, in comparison with browsing differently formatted resumes one after another.

Filter & sort candidates with a wide array of options

Filter and sort candidates with 15+ criteria such as: skills, work experience, management experience, job titles, employers, degree type, languages etc.

Get recommendations of archived candidates for new jobs

Get recommendations for candidates you already have on file that fit to currently open positions.

Automatic detection of the candidate's geographic location

The candidate's geographic location is automatically recognized and the geographic distance from the location of the job is accurately calculated.

Increased number of applications

No need for the candidate to complete complex application forms for their education and experience, thus increased conversion rate and more applications.

Efficiently track candidates

Career site

Attract candidates with your own career site that SmartCV automatically creates for you and is compatible with both desktop and mobile.

Job mailbox

Receive resumes by email sent to the dedicated mailbox in the form of that may be created for each job.

Resume mass import

Bulk upload tens or hundreds of resumes at once.

Pipeline stages

Track the candidate's progress through different and customizable hiring stages.

Compare candidates

Easily compare candidates on a specific stage with an export to Excel option.

Internal vacancies

Track candidates for positions that are not published at the career site.

Comments and evaluations

Comment and evaluate the candidates using free text and number ratings. You may also filter and sort them respectively.

Integrated candidate communication

Communicate with the candidate through the application without revealing your regular email and share this communication with other team members.

Candidate timeline

View in one place all the activity around the candidate such as hiring stage progress, comments, evaluation and emails.

Custom questions

Get specific information from candidates through custom questions, open and closed.

Custom filters

All candidate closed responses are automatically converted to filtering criteria.


Organize candidates with custom tags for easy future retrieval.

Follow candidates

Monitor all the activity (comments, evaluation, emails etc.) of specific candidates in one place.

Search all candidates

Search all the candidates from all jobs in one place with multiple filtering and sorting criteria.

Broad resume format support

All common resume formats are fully supported: pdf, MS Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf), Open Office (.odt), HTML and plain text files.

Import from Outlook

Upload directly to the platform .msg files that were exported from MS Outlook containing resumes as attached files. MIME files (.eml) are also supported.

Smart search

Combine words with multiple filters to instantly discover relevant candidates.


Get insights on the time and effort of your recruitment process.

Export to Excel

Export structured profile data for a single job or even an entire organization to Excel.


Create your own templates for repeatable job descriptions and email communication.

Instant resume preview

Ultra-fast and accurate resume preview.

Multiple companies

Track the candidates of multiple companies, each with its own career site and settings.

Collaborate with your team

Jobs assignment

Each team member may only access specific jobs that are assigned to them.

Team notifications

Notify other team members on specific comments and evaluations.

Multiple security levels

Each team member may only access specific application features.

Customizable roles

Create your own custom roles for team members with specific access rights.

Unlimited number of users

Invite all your team members at no extra cost.

GDPR compliant

Data security & privacy

All data stored in secure data centers in European Union.

Data retention period

Set the retention period for all applicant data.

Candidate withdrawal

The candidate may withdraw her application/video interview.

Terms acceptance customization

Customize the way the candidate views/accepts your privacy policy.